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UK plans to designate just 31 Marine Conservation Zones out of 127

The UK’s sealife will be protected by 31 new conservation zones aimed at preventing trawling and dredging destroying life on the ocean floor, under plans announced by the government on Thursday. But ministers rejected advice to create 127 zones, including all the areas where no activity would have been allowed, leading campaigners to describe the […]

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Yellowstone’s popular alpha female wolf shot dead by hunters outside park

Increasing numbers of wolves are being hunted and shot when they stray outside the safety of US National Parks in the north Rockies as reported in the Guardian Newspaper on 09/12/12. WRi’s Mark Fisher comments in the attached thread.

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Scotland’s “map of shame” published

The latest map of raptor persecution in Scotland (the “map of shame”) has been published by PAW Scotland as reported by Bib McMillan and Calum Brown of the Scottish Wild Land Group in the latest edition of Wild Land News and followed up by the blog site of Raptor Persecution Scotland.

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